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What is Hentaikey?.
"Hentaikey" is a community of hentai sites nothing more. This community provides hentai for consumers such as yourself and I.

Is Hentaikey Free?.
Hentaikey has two levels, the first level being free. All it requires is a valid email address. The second level being the GT Hentaikey which requires a credit card. My site provides both areas, the FREE Hentaikey area which gives you a taste, well... actually more like a whole plate of goodies. And the GT Hentaikey which contains a massive collection of UPDATED doujins, thousands of single pictures and a CG archive.

I Won't Get Spam In My E-Mail Will I?

Hentaikey only uses you're E-mail account for validation reasons ONLY. You nor anyone else will ever recieve spam E-mails ever!.

Update Notices::. 11th/6th/05

The site has been updated, 5 New Doujins & 2 more CG Doujins, Enjoy.

::: Doujinshi Update Notices :. (WEEK 2)

*[Wanton Rando Kumiai] Kami Kourin (tsukiyomi Moon Phase)
*School Rumble - ATUM [BLACK DOG]
*School Rumble - Friskies [Necoro-Girl]
*[MistyIsle] Summon Night - Get Down Tonight
*[Misuteikku Kodo] Shinapusu Dentatsu (yumeria)

::: Cg-Set/Doujin Update Notices :. (WEEK 2)

*[CG Doujin] Chichinoe - Takuya Inoue
*[CG Doujin] Country Study

::: Manga Update Notices :. (WEEK 1)

[Michiru Chikasato]Hitori Asobi
Marron Parfait

"What does all this mean?", "Goes a little something like this!".

Here is the new gateway for, & I have been thinking lately that I needed something like this to help broaden the boundries.

:: Gateway ::

The Gateway is a content area, I will post such things as doujins, cg-sets, images and mangas. They will not stay on the site for long, so make sure to refresh this page often.

:: ::

Huge doujinshi collection with 2 Areas.

FREE; 450 Doujins, 2000 Single Images.
GT; 2000 Doujins, 8000 Single Images, 130cg-sets.(the cg-sets will be moved over to at a later stage)

:: ::

Simple site, cg-sets, single images, artist links, huge sections, over 50'000 Images all sorted.

:: ::

Another simple site created for manga releases. I will make it my weekly manga post site. 4 - 6 Mangas a week, good stuff :).

:: News Archive ::

The News Archive is a place for past messages and past update notices. So no matter what you will never miss out on whats been updated/uploaded.

:: Affiliates ::

Affiliated Websites are people who have agreed to share traffic, note that I only affiliate with decent webmasters and decent websites.

:: Contact ::

Contact is where all my personal information is kept. make sure to check in there if you need to send or email or just simply read up on who owns all this.

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