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What is Hentaikey?.
"Hentaikey" is a community of hentai sites nothing more. This community provides hentai for consumers such as yourself and I.

Is Hentaikey Free?.
Hentaikey has two levels, the first level being free. All it requires is a valid email address. The second level being the GT Hentaikey which requires a credit card. My site provides both areas, the FREE Hentaikey area which gives you a taste, well... actually more like a whole plate of goodies. And the GT Hentaikey which contains a massive collection of UPDATED doujins, thousands of single pictures and a CG archive.

I Won't Get Spam In My E-Mail Will I?

Hentaikey only uses you're E-mail account for validation reasons ONLY. You nor anyone else will ever recieve spam E-mails ever!.


Tortured_X has been recruited to take care of the content. he will also be posting updates and such in this section.

He has already started the design template and work will be finished in this area very soon, thanks for waiting.